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Amino Acids Fitness Nutrition

Amino Acids

This section deals with the benefits and classification of Amino Acids. Which are crucial to your health and goal to achieve physical fitness.


The first on the list of many amino acids is Alanine which is used to help the body use Pantothenic acid.


The next amino acid on the list it Arginine. This amino acid is important as it helps with the healing of wounds.

But that's not all as it is also very important for it's use of detoxifying the poisonous waste that linger in the body.

Aspartic Acid

This amino acid helps in the building up of endurance. And also can help with stamina and keeps ammonia out of the body as it eliminates it's existence.


This amino acid actually somewhat is a muscle enhancer as it helps muscles perform at there best, and even assist with the breakdowns of fat.

Which in return the fat that is broken down can ultimately be used for energy for the body.


Cyestine is a amino acid that helps build up resistance from illness and diseases.

Glutamic Acid

Glutamic acid is a very important amino acid as it keeps the nervous healthy and energizes the brain.


This amino acid helps keep muscle tissues operating correctly.


Isoleucine is a amino acid that can be retracted from many different foods so that the body can stay in good health.


Leucine is a amino acid that can help with losing and even the gaining of weight.

But this amino acid has a is similarity to Isoleucine. As it also has to be retracted from foods to used for the body.


Lysine is another amino acid obtained from foods.

And is used for tissue repair and the formation of antibodies.


This amino acid can be used for energy and the assistance of keeping the immune system intact and healthy.


Phenylalanine is another amino acid on the list of many that can not be retracted from anywhere else except supplements or foods.

But what makes this amino acid different is that it can be used as a anti depressant because it produces neurotransmitters which have en effect on what feeling the body is in at the time.


The amino acid Taurine is used for increasing more white blood cells for the body and making wave signals to the brain a lot stronger.

So in return for increasing more white bloods the body can now fight illness and infection more efficiently.


Taurine is a amino acid retracted from supplements since the body does not produce this.

And is used to play the role of assistance when keeping the intestinal track in good health.


Tryptophan is basically a amino acid that helps the brain produce serotonin that assist with the working powers of B vitamins.

This in return makes B vitamins maximize there working capability for the body.


Valine is a amino that has to be retracted from supplements and is used for keeping muscles healthy and operating at there peak potential.

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