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Casein Protein Powder Benefits

High-quality casein protein powder is hard to find. You see most of the casein protein powder that is sold on the supplement shelf is from Eastern Europe. When the powder is from Eastern Europe, this is called a calcium acid wash casein. Bodybuilders use casein as a slow release protein powder in hopes that they will get a slow, steady drip of amino acids. This, in turn, will give bodybuilders an anti-catabolic effect. This anti-catabolic effect will help protect the body from muscle wasting. Muscle wasting is a continues to battle with your body. The body is constantly trying to break down muscle mass. Because the more muscle mass you have on your frame, the more energy it takes for you to live. Therefore you need to keep the protein content high if you are trying to gain muscle. You want to find high-quality casein protein powder. This is very hard to find. Because many of the manufacturers will use the cheapest protein powder that they can find. High-quality casein comes directly from milk, and it is technically called a fresh curd casein. A fresh curd casein comes from skim milk. The skim milk is microultrafiltration process. This makes sure all the protein is as less denatured as possible. I like to call my casein a micellar casein. Even though this term is somewhat deceiving. Many manufacturers use acid calcium casein and call it micellar casein because you really cannot tell just by looking it with the naked eye. One way, however, is making sure the powder is a nice white powder. If the casein is darker in color most likely, it will be a calcium casein. In conclusion, has the best casein protein in the world. It does not have any soy lecithin in it as well.

Fitness Workout Routines | Products | Programs | Articles | Tips | Resources

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