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Bodybuilding How To Build V-Lines

The elusive v-abs or better known v-lines that we all long for. We hit the gym week-in, week-out and push ourselves to the limit to build a strong washboard like stomach which always comes easier to some. Which leads to our ultimate question: how do you lose body fat and build v-lines?

It’s a popular question that any gym trainer gets bombarded with at every turn. There are so many young people out there who want to impress by developing the very elusive v-cut. You might be one of them. You ought to know upfront that there is no magic to getting the much-coveted v-cut. It takes grit. It needs serious unwavering commitment. It also needs sheer discipline. It does not happen overnight, and it requires you to do two crucial things.

First, you need to understand that the cuts that reveal the v-lines are visible only with a low body fat percentage. To show how serious this is, you need to understand that even a thin layer of fat is enough to obscure the V-lines and prevent them from showing through. The second thing you need to do in order to experience a breakthrough in bringing the v-cut to the fore is to specifically target the lower abdomen muscles with intense workouts.

Below is a detailed description of each of the steps.

First and foremost you will need to incinerate your excess fats so that the body fat percentage adjusts to 6 percent from the 13 percent range of an average man. To do this requires a lot of hard work and dedication. These levels of fat are usually found in elite athletes, which should tell you the amount of effort to put in, in order to reach this important milestone in the struggle to be physically fit. There are various formulas you can use to calculate your body fat, but it is generally advisable that you work with your personal trainer so as to decide on the appropriate starting point.

Just in case you are hesitant to work with a personal trainer, there are some body fat testing techniques you can try. However, you should note that body fat testing is for the most part too unreliable and results may vary widely. In addition, the most accurate forms of testing body fat may be expensive. There is, though, a fairly reliable and inexpensive technique that you can use to measure the body fat: shooting for the waistline.

By determining the size of your waistline you can reliably tell the body fat content. Ideally, your waistline should be forty-five percent of your height. What you need to do is to measure the waist with a measuring tape about the belly button level while maintaining a relaxed posture- without sucking in or pushing out. If you find out that your waist is more than 45% of your height, then you will need to reduce your weekly calories intake until you achieve the appropriate range.

According to various experts, one of the proven ways by which one can significantly decrease body fat is by committedly engaging in high intensity interval training programs. As the individual oscillates between intervals of medium and high intensity, a lot of metabolism occurs, consequently, this metabolism significantly burns the unneeded calories even after the workouts.

That step is followed by building your lower abdomen muscles. It is not enough to achieve a low body fat percentage. You will also need to develop the abdominal muscles and the lower abdominal muscles in order to achieve the full effect. In case you have access to a gym equipment or fitness centre, you can try a set of exercises that will definitely feature your much desired v-line. For example, a set of hanging exercises is one sure fire way to trigger the v-lines to prominence and visibility. You can hang from a bar as you lift your straightened legs to make the body fold in half.

You can also bend your knees and try to include a twist. Twist to one side and repeat the exercise by twisting to the other side. Make your movements powerful and explosive and you will experience astounding results.

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