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Steps to Shapely Legs for Women

If you think that taking care of your hands and face is enough to maintain your beauty, youíre forgetting another vital part of your body that is also frequently exposed: your legs. Legs carry you from one place to another throughout the day, and theydeserve special attention. Women want legs that are strong and beautiful. Here are a few tips for making the most of yours.

Firm them up

It can take a good deal of time and effort to sculpt shapely legs. A great way to get started is to add a few quick tone-up exercises to your daily exercise routine. You can:

       take the stairs instead of the elevator to tone muscle and burn hundreds of calories a week

       indulge your love of dancing, which does wonders for shaping the legs

       use basic exercises, such as squats, skipping, lunges, and walking on a treadmill, to slim down those thighs

Just a little extra effort every day can give you noticeably leaner legs in just a few weeks.

Say goodbye to the fuzz

Shapely legs are beautiful and sexy, and for most women that means smooth. In between shaves, many dermatologists recommend that womenundergo electrolysis in order to stay smoother longer. During electrolysis treatments, small amounts of electrical energy are used to prevent hair follicles from growingback. Laser hair removal therapy is probably the most popular version of electrolysis.

Keep up regular leg exercises

Once you begin to see progress in your efforts to firm up your legs, it is crucial not to slack off. Make sure that your workouts always include the legs. You can burn off the fat and tighten up your legs by jogging, walking, jumping, biking, swimming, practicing aerobics, and weight training. There are lots of ways to get the results you want; you just need to be consistent.

Donít forget the toes

Some people think that a pedicure is extravagant, but monthly treatments and more frequent attention with home care products are within most budgets and can really set off your legs. A good soak and moisturizer treatment will make sure that your toes and toenails are looking fine.

If youíre concerned about keeping your legs beautiful and shapely so that you donít have to shy away from wearing short dresses, check out our 30-day shapely legs challenge at

Fitness Workout Routines | Products | Programs | Articles | Tips | Resources

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